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EAP Carpooling Project

How much do County employees spend in fuel to commute to work?   This can be estimated by knowing the distance traveled, the fuel economy of the vehicle and the price of fuel.   Recently, 135 people completed an on-line survey that was sent to approximately 600 employees who have a County e-mail address. Here are the results.
The average one-way commute to work, based on a survey of 133 County employees, is 19.4 miles. Most use gasoline (97.8%) but a few use diesel, biodiesel, E85 and one indicated electric plug-in. Therefore, for the purpose of this article, gasoline will be the norm. The average fuel economy reported was 25 mpg. Using a gasoline price at the pump of $3.46/gal, the average round trip is currently around $5.37 per day or $26.85 per 5-day week.
Fuel costs are, of course, only one component of the total cost of owning and operating a vehicle. Therefore, the savings incurred by carpooling will be greater than from simply the fuel conserved, particularly in terms of vehicle wear-and-tear.
A poster that looks like this may be found at the following locations around the County buildings:   Human Services Center, Department of Social Services, Public Safety Building (second floor) and the Courthouse.
On the poster are instructions and a place to write on it.
STEP 1: Determine the map cell in which you live. (Example: The Village of Norwood is in cell D-2.)
STEP 2: If you are interested in carpooling, write your map cell letter and number in the space below and your phone number beside it.
STEP 3: If in a while you see another person on the list inside your map cell (or nearby), give them a call.
STEP 4: If you make a successful car-pool arrangement, please contact Jason Pfotenhauer at the County Planning Office (379-2292) who is measuring the success of this project.
Planning Office staff will check these posters periodically and post the map cell numbers and telephone numbers on the EAP web site.
No addresses or names will be listed on the web site.
Happy carpooling !

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